Custom Safes

Designed for you space

Your Custom Safe

A Jewelry safe is a one-time purchase which is why we will design your jewelry safe to provide a lifetime of luxury, security and convenience.

From Concept to Creation

We will work with you, your architect or interior designer to ensure that your custom jewelry safe is made to the correct specifications and perfectly designed. 

Why we should build your custom safe

What distinguishes our company from all other safe companies is in the way we manufacture. We are not an ecommerce company that mass produces a few basic models cheaply for high volume online sales. Instead, we work almost exclusively with high-end residential architects, designers and builders. Of course we also welcome the opportunity to work directly with homeownsers who value luxury and quality. And, rather than shopping online trying to design a safe alone, homeowners appreciate our personal service and attention to detail to design the safe perfectly to ensure a seamless white glove installation. 

We provide artisan production and design unique jewerly safes to satisfy the taste, storage and security requirements for each client. We literrally design the jwerly safe around your collection and your space. –

Examples of a few Custom Sizes


In this huge walk-in closet a space was designed to have a safe elevated above the drawers for easy access. We painted the safe to match the room which was painted with Benjamin Moore’s White Dove. The safe’s interior was done in Walnut which looked great with the high gloss white exterior. The custom jewelry trays were lined with a fawn color ultra-suede. There was going to be a cabinet door concealing the safe so we designed the drawers to accommodate a 90 degree door swing.

All of our lines of jewelry safes can be customized

A few of our Custom Safes

Whatever level of security you require and whatever space you have to work with we will design the perfect jewelry safe to store and protect your valuable collection.

A few of our Custom Jewelry trays and drawer inserts

Bases on your jewelry and watch collection we will help you design inserts that are beautiful and make the most practical use of space. Our reputation for designing the finest quality custom drawer inserts is not limited to jewelry; we also design drawer inserts for silverware, sunglasses, lingerie and anything you want to store elegantly.

Our Founder

Robert Tompkin

When I first entered this industry over twenty years ago I was a supplier of high security jewelry safes for the jewelry industry. I spent a lot of time in New York’s Diamond District and learned a lot about jewelry safes. Jewelers began to refer me to their clients who wanted a high-quality jewelry safe for their home.

Back then, there were not many options for home safes that were strong enough to secure jewelry or made in sizes that were feasible for a residential delivery. And they were very unattractive.

I saw an opportunity to create a line of jewelry safes for homeowners who wanted a high security jewelry safe in sizes that could fit neatly in their closet and be attractive. Over the years I have supplied thousands of homeowners with jewelry safes that have met all their requirements.

As online marketing and ecommerce has gown, other safe companies have focused on high volume and low quality by mass producing a few cookie cutter models that can be quickly purchased by clicking a mouse.

I have taken the opposite approach, and supply customers with what they want rather than convince them to buy what I have. It is a one-time investment and I like knowing I am providing a lifetime of security

Let's design your custom safe

Our Ability to customize gives you unlimited options for the design and placement of your jewelry safe. Security, luxury and convenience are the factors we take into consideration when we design and build each safe. We can work directly with you, your interior designer, architect or contractor to insure that your custom jewelry safe is built to the correct specifications. We manufacture most of our safes to order. This reduces our costs and allows us to offer custom sizes for the same price as standard size safes.