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Residential Safes

Residential Safes 

A large selection of traditional or customized burglary and fire rated safes for homeowners.  No matter what you are protecting or where you want the safe installed, our twenty years of experience will help you choose the right safe.  A safe is a one-time purchase that will provide a lifetime of security.



From our Diamond Vault line, we designed this custom jewelry safe to fit in a specific niche in the wall that was made to accommodate this 1200 pound safe. The base underneath the safe had to be reinforced to handle the weight. The jewelry drawers were designed very specifically to store specific pieces, and the Orbita watch winders are powered by lithium batteries, so we did not have to run electricity into the safe.

The jewelry cabinet is done in a matte finish Walnut with black drawer pulls that matched millwork throughout the home. This safe required very strong burglary and fire protection so our Diamond Vault model was perfect. The safe was only 24.5 inches wide and barely fit into the space, but it did and the safe is perfect.


Security Features

✅ 1/2″ steel pry-resistant recessed door.
✅ 1/4″ solid steel body.
✅Spring loaded relocking device activated by punching attack
✅Locks and relocks protected by a large carburized hard plate.
✅A handle activated locking mechanism with 1″ chromed steel locking bolts.
✅ Solid steel full length dead bar prevents door removal if hinges are removed during a forced entry attempt.
✅Adjustable ball bearing hinges.
✅Body reinforcing frame gives the appearance of 1″ thick walls to discourage attack.
✅UL listed high security digital lock.



✅ Exotic wood jewelry interior
✅ Choice of drawer configuration
✅ Removable jewelry trays
✅ Watch Winders
✅ High gloss paint finish in any color
✅ UL rated high security digital locks
✅ Custom size safes at NO extra charge
✅ Right or left swing doors available

Residential Safes Collection

Our residential line of safes includes our standard eight models as well as more traditional models for home security.  These safes come standard with textured paint finishes, combination locks and adjustable shelves, but most models can be customized with fancy paint finishes, digital locks and custom interiors.  All of our residential safes are different in construction, yet all the same in meeting the highest standards of burglary and fire protection.  Their varied designs are intended to satisfy a wide range of home security needs.

  • Jewel Guard
    Strong commercial quality burglary protection. Made to order in any size.
  • Jewel Guard Ultra
    Same features as the Jewel Guard with thicker steel. Made to order in any size.
  • Gem Guard
    High security steel safe with commercial UL TL-15 burglary rating. Made to order in any size
  • Gem Guard Ultra
    The strongest steel safe in the world with a high security UL TL-30 burglary rating. Made to order in any size.
  • Fortress
    Strong UL rated burglary and fire safe. Available in four sizes.
  • Diamond Vault
    The Diamond Vault provides commercial quality burglary protection plus a two-hour fire rating.
  • Diamond Vault Plus
    High security safe with commercial UL TL-15 burglary rating plus two hour fire rating. Made to order in any size.
  • Diamond Vault Ultra
    High security safe with commercial UL TL-30 burglary rating plus two hour fire rating. Made to order in any size.
  • Wall safe
    Provides and economical and secure way to hide your valuables.
  • Mini Safe
    Small but strong, and a much better option than hotel style safes.
  • Reliant
    Basic burglary and fire safe.
  • Luxe gun safe
    The strongest gun safe available with a 1/2" steel door.