Jewelry Safes Custom For You

Jewelry Safes Customized

There’s nothing more important when reviewing jewelry safes than ensuring your jewelry is protected. For your magnificent jewelry collection we combine high tech security with old world craftsmanship to create a line of custom jewelry safes unmatched in quality, beauty, and convenience. We will design the safe around your collection and available space. Choose from a paint pallet of brilliant colors, extraordinary exotic woods, and a rainbow of plush ultra-suede fabrics to design the safe exactly as you’d like.

Featured Jewelry Safe:

This is a special edition jewelry safe made from our most popular Jewel Guard line. It measures only 15″all around. Though small in size it has the same strength and features as larger models. It is ideal for small spaces or summer homes.

Jewelry Safes Collection

Our line of jewelry safes is made in the USA. In order to satisfy a wide range of security needs we have designed eight models that are all different in construction and protection levels. They all meet the highest industry standards for providing the strongest burglary and fire protection; some models even include commercial high security UL burglary ratings to satisfy extremely high insurance coverage requirements. From this lineup of safes, we can design your jewelry safe in Any size, Any color and Any configuration.  Our ability to customize every safe enables us to offer you a magnificent jewelry or watch safe that is uniquely yours and made to fit wherever you would like to have it placed.

Complete Jewelry Safe Customization

Every safe we manufacture is one-of-a-kind to satisfy the discerning taste and specific storage needs of each homeowner. Whether you would like the safe to be sized to fit three feet off the floor into a cabinet or six feet tall to sit in a closet, we will build it to your specifications. Your jewelry, watches and other valuables will be safe and secure while providing luxury and convenience.

Choose from a wide selection of exotic hardwoods or lacquer painted finishes to design your perfect safe.  The safe’s color and cabinetry can match your room’s décor.

To keep your jewelry organized we will help you design each drawer to maximize convenience and space.  Choose from our popular jewelry tray designs or modify or completely customize any of them at no additional cost.

Whatever you would like to keep safe and secure whether it is jewelry and watches or any other type of valuable we will design the safe just for you.

high security safe

High Safe Security

Protecting your valuables securely, conveniently and luxuriously is our driving force.

All our safes utilize the latest technology along with the strongest materials to construct the highest security safes in the industry. Unmatched in steel thickness and strength our UL rated TL15 and TL30 models are used commercially in jewelry stores and financial institutions, as well as for protecting significant assets for homeowners.

Our high security digital locks are the most secure while providing quick and simple access.

Luxurious Jewelry Safe Interiors

Rather than mass produce the same cookie cutter designs for every safe we build each interior by hand one by one.  This allows us to easily design every safe to satisfy the eclectic taste of each client. Our beautiful woodwork is from the handcrafted labor of skilled artisans who believe in old world craftsmanship. Every safe is luxurious and a perfectly tailored work of art.

Exotic Jewelry Safe Hardwoods

Our custom jewelry cabinets are built with the finest quality hardwoods. From Ash to Zebrawood, you can choose from our standard collection, or we can stain a wood type to match existing millwork.

Our classic lacquer painted jewelry drawers offer a modern look that is subtle yet strikingly elegant.

Jewelry Safe Fabric

The plushest ultra-suede fabric is what we use to wrap our jewelry trays and line our cabinets. Choose from dozens of colors to select the one that matches best to the wood type you have chosen.


Jewelry Trays

Our jewelry trays are made by hand in wood, unlike the die-cut cardboard trays offered by others. This not only produces a much finer quality tray, but it also allows us to easily customize any tray to suit your storage needs.  As part of our service, we are happy to help you design each tray based on your jewelry collection.


Watch Winders

We carry the entire line of Orbita watch winders to keep your automatic watches running smoothly and on time. Depending on the number of winders required and the size of the safe, some models will work better than others.  Also, depending on the number of winders and the model, the watch winders can be powered by either electricity or long-lasting lithium batteries if the placement of the safe makes it difficult to run wires. Whether you need one watch winder or fifty we will design any of them to fit beautifully into our cabinetry, so they are elegantly displayed.


Interior Lighting

For those who desire lighting inside the safe we offer two options, and either will illuminate brightly to highlight the magnificent woodwork and your sparkling jewels when you open the drawers.

Hardwire lighting can be used when electric power is available or wireless lighting is an option if it is not.

Paint Finishes

Depending on your taste, our jewelry safes can be painted with either a satin textured paint finish or high gloss automotive paint finish. Either one will look luxurious and enhance the exquisite woodwork inside.  Choose from a selection of standard colors or we can easily match any color of your choice.


Easy Access

Our digital keypad allows simple and convenient entry into your safe while providing high security.  The reliability of this digital lock is unmatched and is why it is the preferred lock for residential and commercial use.

We do offer other types of locks too, including an old-fashioned mechanical dial lock or redundant lock which allows you to open the safe with either the digital or dial or have it set up for dual control.

White Glove Delivery

Safes are not easy to deliver, but we make it simple.  In our first conversation we will clarify where the safe is going to be placed, so we can make certain that the safe’s weight and size will be okay in the location you want to have it installed. Attention to these important details will ensure a seamless delivery.  Through our network of professional safe installers, we will liaise throughout the delivery process. For deliveries in the New York tri state area, we deliver and install ourselves.

Luxe Safes
Custom, Quality & Care.

Our Ability to customize gives you unlimited options for the design and placement of your jewelry safe. Security, luxury and convenience are the factors we take into consideration when we design and build each safe. We can work directly with you, your interior designer, architect or contractor to insure that your custom jewelry safe is built to the correct specifications. We manufacture most of our safes to order. This reduces our costs and allows us to offer custom sizes for the same price as standard size safes.