Diamond Vault

The Diamond Vault provides commercial quality burglary protection plus a two–hour fire rating. It is built like the commercial rated versions of this model but lighter for residential deliveries. All safes made to order in ANY SIZE. We build safes around your collection and space.

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Security Features:

✅ Commercial strength burglary protection
✅ Two hour fire rating at 1850 degrees
✅ UL rated high security digital lock
✅ 5–3/4” thick door 3–1/2” thick body
✅ 1–1/2” chrome locking bolts
✅ Body designed to provide six–sided protection
✅ Dead bolts on hinge side prevents door
removal during a forced entry attempt
✅ Lock is protected by drill shattering hard plate
and spring loaded relockers


✅ Exotic wood jewelry interior
✅ Choice of drawer configuration
✅ Removable jewelry trays
✅ Watch Winders
✅ High gloss paint finish in any color
✅ Ultra–suede lined jewelry trays
✅ Right or left swing door
✅ Additional high security locks
✅ Interior lighting

Available in seven sizes

ModelOutside DimensionsInside DimensionsWeight
181425.0”H x 21.0”W x 21.5”D18.0”H x 14.0”W x 12.0”D450 lbs
251832.0”H x 25.0”W x 25.5”D25.0”H x 18.0”W x 16.0”D700 lbs
352442.0”H x 31.0”W x 29.5”D35.0”H x 24.0”W x 20.0”D1050 lbs
452452.0”H x 31.0”W x 29.5”D45.0”H x 24.0”W x 20.0”D1250 lbs
552462.0”H x 31.0”W x 29.5”D55.0”H x 24.0”W x 20.0”D1450 lbs
652872.0”H x 35.0”W x 29.5”D65.0”H x 28.0”W x 20.0”D1950 lbs
723679.0”H x 43.0”W x 32.5”D72.0”H x 36.0”W x 23.0”D2500 lbs