Custom Jewel Guard

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From our Jewel Guard line another unique design.  This safe like all models from our Jewel Guard line are made to order in any size desired.  We also painted the exterior in a custom high gloss hunter green color which highlighted the White Maple interior. The client liked purple so we made each custom jewelry tray lined in purple Ultra-Suede.  They wanted something that looked like an old fashioned armoire to store a variety of jewelry and miscellaneous items. We took the concept of our Valet model to design this safe and we added additional features.

This safe was installed into a cabinet that only allowed the safe door to open 90 degrees. Therefore, we designed the drawers accordingly.  They wanted to hang necklaces, and hanging them on the back of the door on hooks is the cheapest and worst way to store them. We created an internal necklace rack that slides out and is designed to open past the limited 90 degree door swing.  Since we could not design a vertical necklace drawer because of the limited door swing we made a faux drawer cover over the necklace rack to give the appearance of a drawer so there would not be any open spaces.

The customer also wanted the deeper drawer to have a key lock for additional security for storage of money and a handgun. Wireless lighting was used for this safe too.

A few of our Custom Safes

Our ability to customize gives you unlimited options for the design and placement of your jewelry safe. Security, luxury and convenience are the factors we take into consideration when we design and build each safe.  We can work directly with you, your interior designer, architect or contractor to insure that your custom jewelry safe is built to the correct specifications.

We manufacture most of our safes to order. This reduces our costs and allows us to offer custom sizes for the same price as standard size safes