The world’s strongest and
most beautiful jewelry safes


The world’s strongest and most beautiful jewelry safes

Premium Quality Jewelry Safes.

Luxe Safes values your valuables as much as you do. That is why we remain unrivaled in creating robust and organized high-security storage solutions for your home. Utilizing premium materials, creative designers and skilled artisans build luxurious jewelry safes that perfectly encapsulate your unique needs, epitomize your elegant style, and address your security concerns.

We Supply Custom Jewelry Safes for Homes

Luxe Safes is the premier supplier of jewelry safes and watch safes for the high-end residential architectural and interior design communities. We also welcome the opportunity to work directly with homeowners and offer a more personal and educational experience than trying to design your safe haphazardly online. We take pride in every minute detail of our craft, and together we will design the perfect safe for a seamless white glove installation.


Where Fashion Meets Function

We build high-security jewelry safes for homes that complement the décor while providing functional and secure storage for your treasured possessions. Every safe is unique because it is built around your collection and your space.

Each jewelry safe we construct is custom-made and one-of-a-kind to satisfy the taste, storage, and security requirements of each client. Because a safe is a one-time investment, we design each safe to provide a lifetime of security and peace of mind.

Tailor Designed to Match Your Requirements

Combining state-of-the-art security technology and sophisticated design, we create bespoke safes that match your needs to your space. Our luxury safes provide more than high-security storage for your jewelry, they add beauty and convenience to the most valuable space in your home.

Years of experience

View People Magazine’s closet tour video of our jewelry safe in Bethenny Frankel’s New York City apartment.

Why Choose Our Jewelry Safes?


Your Luxe Safes product is more than a jewelry safe; it represents the art of security. Incorporating intricate design details with luxury finishes and sophisticated style, we create premium safes that adds beauty to your room and security to your home.


With over 20 years of experience and a consistent drive to keep improving our craft, we utilize technology to create impenetrable safes that surpass industry standards in security.


Our claim to luxury does not end in using premium materials. Luxury is in the design, craftsmanship, white-glove service, and the way we utilize space to design your safe. High-end home designs are not complete without a Luxe Safe.


We design and create a safe that is optimized for your life. If you would like convenient access, specific drawers for your jewelry, a particular interior style, size, or color, we can bring to reality whatever you envision.

Jewelry Safes FAQs

Do I need a jewelry safe?

If you own even a modest fine jewelry collection, it belongs in a jewelry safe. The high cost of gold and diamonds makes them too valuable to leave lying around unprotected. In addition to the monetary value, the intrinsic value often makes your jewelry irreplaceable.

Are there different types of home safes?

There are many types of jewelry safes for homes and for businesses, and we carry them all. In fact, the eight models that we offer represent all of the most popular types of safes used in homes and businesses. Browse through some of our jewelry safes for closets that are beautiful yet discreet.

What is the difference between a home safe and a commercial safe?

The main difference is in the safe’s resistance to a burglary attack. The home safe market is inundated with cheap quality safes that offer little to no protection at all. You are often better off hiding your jewelry than keeping it inside one of those inexpensive safes. Our jewelry safes for homes all provide high security because they are the same models used for businesses securing large amounts of cash and jewelry. Our TL15 and TL30 models offer very high security when insurance requirements demand that valuables be kept inside safes with these commercial high-security UL burglary ratings.

Should I keep my expensive jewelry in a safe deposit box at the bank?

Our high-security jewelry safes for closets or any space in the house are intended to conveniently secure your valuables at home so you can avoid the hassle of having to go to the bank whenever you want to wear your jewelry.

Additionally, as banks continue to shrink in size and abandon their safe deposit boxes, home jewelry safes are becoming a necessity. You can rest assured knowing your valuables are secure inside one of our jewelry safes.

Where should I place my jewelry safe?

It should be located wherever it will be convenient to access. Our jewelry safes for closets can fit perfectly in your dressing area, but we are perfectly capable of designing safes that will fit any space you prefer, including a marble bathroom. Wherever you want it, we will make it fit. We design safes large and small to fit inside cabinetry or millwork or just free-standing, and they can match the color and décor of your furniture or room.

Do you make custom safes?

Every safe we manufacture is made to order, therefore, you will not be charged extra for a custom safe, as every safe we produce is tailor-made. By manufacturing in this manner, we avoid the additional costs incurred by other companies that carry mass-produced models. A safe is typically a one-time purchase, so we assist you in designing one that will provide long-term protection, elegance, and convenience that will last for decades.

Are biometric locks reliable?

We never recommend the use of fingerprint locks because they do not provide good security and are not reliable. The most popular fingerprint lock in the industry has a backup digital lock for when the fingerprint does not work which is often. You will never find a fingerprint lock on a high-security safe in a jewelry store or a bank; instead, you will find digital locks or combination locks like the ones we use.

Do you provide white glove installation?
Yes, we do. For our clients in the New York tri-state area, we have our in-house installers. For everyone else, we will help coordinate white glove service anywhere in the country through a network of professional installers that we have worked with for over twenty years.
What types of commercial safes do you sell?
Being so close to New York’s diamond district we have been supplying safes and walk-in vault rooms to the most renowned jewelry companies, watch companies, and diamond houses for over twenty years. We are often referred by some of the largest jewelry insurance companies in the industry. We also provide safes for pharmaceutical companies, retail stores, and government agencies.
Have you sold safes to famous people?
Our client list includes many well-known celebrities from Hollywood to Wall Street. Since we usually work through interior designers and architects, we often do not know who the homeowner is until after the safe is delivered, and then we are elated to learn their identity. For us knowing that we have supplied a jewelry safe to someone who can afford whatever they want is flattering, and a testament to the quality we provide.

Our safes have also appeared on television and in movies. See one of our jewelry safes for closets in People Magazine’s closet tour of Bethenny Frankel’s NYC apartment and HBO’s Wizard of Lies.
What sets your company apart from other safe companies?

Our manufacturing process distinguishes our company from all other safe companies. We do not mass-produce a few basic models cheaply for online sales at low prices. Instead, we emphasize quality with artisan production that demonstrates old-world craftsmanship. Each safe is custom-made to satisfy the preferences, storage needs, and security requirements of each client. This method of production enables us to only use only the finest and most durable materials. Additionally, we can easily construct safes in any size, color, or layout to complement your room’s design and to be installed anywhere. We design the safe around your collection and the available space.


Due to the high level of quality and service that we give, most of our business comes from high-end residential architects and interior designers who require the finest jewelry safes for their clients. However, we also enjoy working directly with homeowners who share our appreciation for luxury and excellence. And homeowners who work with us convey that it is a far more pleasurable and educational experience than ordering a mass-produced safe online.

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