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Commercial Safes

Commercial Safes

For two decades Luxe Safes has been the premiere supplier of high security safes and vault rooms to the leading jewelers and diamond dealers in New York’s diamond district.  We also supply safes to every type of business as well as government agencies and pharmaceutical companies. Additionally, we specialize in providing safes for torahs, and have supplied safes to synagogues around the world.

Featured Commercial Safe


On the commercial side of our business safes are usually functional and unattractive. They sit in the back of a stock room or are hidden from public view. Often they are used safes.  Every once in a whilte, we come acrosss something special like this rare mint ocondition antique cast iron safe from the mid 1800’s. This has all original paint and parts including the drawers, keys and carpet. In this condition it might be the rarest safe of its kind.

This safe is a piece of art as much as it is a safe. It would be a conversation piece and add to the decor of any professionals office. It”s for sale, and ready for immeditate shipment.

Commercial Safes Collection 


Every business in every industry has their own security needs.  From our various lines of safes we can satisfy them all.  Our safes meet the highest standards for burglary and fire protection, and for maximum security and insurance coverage are UL burglary rated.  If you require a specific design to make the operation of your business better our ability to customize safes makes this simple. In addition to our line of new safes, we also have an ever changing stock of used safes for various industries.  Let us know how we can help you.

  • Jewel Guard
    Strong commercial quality burglary protection. Made to order in any size.
  • Jewel Guard Ultra
    Same features as the Jewel Guard with thicker steel. Made to order in any size.
  • Gem Guard
    High security steel safe with commercial UL TL-15 burglary rating. Made to order in any size
  • Gem Guard Ultra
    The strongest steel safe in the world with a high security UL TL-30 burglary rating. Made to order in any size.
  • Fortress
    Strong UL rated burglary and fire safe. Available in four sizes.
  • Diamond Vault
  • Diamond Vault Plus
    High security safe with commercial UL TL-15 burglary rating plus two hour fire rating. Made to order in any size.
  • Diamond Vault Ultra
    High security safe with commercial UL TL-30 burglary rating plus two hour fire rating. Made to order in any size
  • Sefer Torah Safe
    Protection against burglary and fire.
  • Pharmacy safe
    Secure narcotics from burglary.
  • vault door
    Convert a room into a secure vault.
  • used safes
    Pre-owned safes for businesses.