Custom Jewel Guard

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From our most popular Jewel Guard line we designed this safe exactly to the client’s specifications. There was a space created in their closet that required these exact dimensions, and the high gloss burgundy exterior blended beautifully with the color of the room. The dark cherry wood jewelry interior matched the existing mill work. They had a very large jewelry collection that included many long necklaces, so we designed two vertical necklace drawers so they would hang neatly while making the most practical use of space. To accentuate the beautiful wood we included wireless interior lighting that cast a bright light without having to run electricity into the safe.

Each drawer was configured with a custom jewelry insert that we helped design based on their jewelry collection.

A few of our Custom Safes

Our ability to customize gives you unlimited options for the design and placement of your jewelry safe. Security, luxury and convenience are the factors we take into consideration when we design and build each safe.  We can work directly with you, your interior designer, architect or contractor to insure that your custom jewelry safe is built to the correct specifications.

We manufacture most of our safes to order. This reduces our costs and allows us to offer custom sizes for the same price as standard size safes