Luxe Torah Safes

Synagogues around the country and around the world rely on our expertise for protecting their Sefer Torahs.  Whether you are storing one torah or ten or more we will help you figure out the best solution. From free standing safes to custom sizes made to fit into your Aron Kodesh we will provide the right safe from our collection of new and used safes.

ModelOutside DimensionsInside DimensionsNumber of torahsWeight
FP602459.25”H x 24”W x 23”D 55”H x 20”W x 13.50”D 1 720 lbs
FP603259.25”H x 30”W x 23”D 55”H x 26”W x 13.50”D 2 915 lbs
FP603059.25”H x 30”W x 28"D 55”H x 26”W x 18.50”D 2-3 1040 lbs
FP663665.25"H x 36"W x 28"D 61"H x 32"W x 18.50"D 3 1320 lbs
Custom BurglaryAvailable Single DoorAvailable Double Door Made to order Light Weight
Custom Burglary & FireAvailable Single DoorAvailable Double Door Made to order Heavy Weight
Reconditioned To Be Determined To Be Determined