The Manhattan utilizes technology to design a safe that provides excellent burglary and fire protection in a reduced weight. This allows for easier installation up or down stairs. For securing jewelry and other valuables, the Manhattan offers a very sophisticated solution

Security Features

4-5/8″ thick door overall constructed of steel and composite.2-7/8″ thick solid composite body with high tech burglary and fire resistant materials.1-1/2″ diameter solid steel chrome-plated locking bolts.1-1/2″ diameter solid steel dead bolts lock deep into the body to prevent door removal during a forced entry attempt.Tempered glass relock device.Two hours fire protectionUL listed group 2 combination lockOptional high security digital lock is available.

ModelOutside DimensionsInside DimensionsWeight
1413 19.50”H x 18.00”W x 21.90”D 14.00”H x 12.50”W x 12.20”D256 lbs
191323.80”H x 18.00”W x 21.90”D overall19.00”H x 12.50”W x 12.20”D320 lbs
301835.50”H x 23.50”W x 26.00”D30.00”H x 18.00”W x 16.30”D462 lbs
452050.50"H x 25.50"W x 30.90"D45.00"H x 20.00"W x 21.20"D768 lbs

* Add 2″ to outside depth for handle and hinges