Prestige floor safes provide an economical way to secure valuables. When installed properly into a concrete floor you have excellent burglary and fire protection.

Security Features

Black textured body and door.
Large brass plated dial and black matte finish dial ring with matching handle.
3M Lexan escutcheon plate covers the entire door surface.
End user can get combination changes by just bringing the door to a locksmith.
Attractive design offers strong reliable welds to protect against burglary attacks and reduce possible leakage.
U.L. listed Group II key changeable lock, with relock and 1 million possible combinations.
An additional spring loadedrelocking device, activated by a punching attack.
Lock and relocks are protected by a large carburized hardplate.
A handle activated locking mechanism consisting of three 1″ diameter locking bolts. Each one is drive resistant, chromed steel with a long throw.One piece heavy duty dead bar behind hinge prevents removal of door even if hinges are removed during a forced entry attempt.

ModelOutside DimensionsInside DimensionsWeight