Jewelry Safes For Home Jewelry Collections

We all have jewelry and other valuables we want to keep safe at home. The only way to do so is by making a one-time investment in high-security jewelry safe for your home.

The perfect place to keep a jewelry safe is not the same for everyone, and that is why architects, interior designers, closet companies, and homeowners rely on us to design the perfect luxury safe. Sometimes the safe can be as small as our fifteen-inch cube safe, or over six feet tall and three thousand pounds. Whatever is required, we can make it fit wherever it will be most convenient, and it will be beautifully designed to blend with the décor of the room.

Jewelry Safes For Home Jewelry Collections

Homeowners and designers spend a lot of time designing closets to fit all types of accessories like shoes and pocketbooks, but often overlook the storage of your most valuable items-your jewelry. One diamond bracelet can easily be more valuable than your entire shoe and pocketbook collection combined: even with Jimmy Choo shoes or Chanel bags.

Storing Jewelry Safely

People often do not store their jewelry properly. It is not uncommon for people to hide it and then forget where they put it. Other people use safe deposit boxes but never wear their jewelry because it is a hassle to go to the bank.

As banks continue to shrink safe deposit boxes will soon be nonexistent. We already see this trend and subsequently, we already see a huge increase in the residential market for jewelry safes. For homeowners who purchase million-dollar homes usually have a lot of jewelry to secure and having a safe is one of the must-have items for the home.

Space Planning a Jewelry Safe

When the jewelry safe is discussed early in the space planning it can be designed to fit anywhere. Often, we are given the safe’s size and location, but the details are not yet known. As we get further into the project, we are given the color of the room and the type of millwork so we can match it. A glossy white exterior is by far the most popular color, but the interior can vary from a wide range of exotic woods like Birdseye Maple or Bubinga or Walnut. We are also known for our lacquer-painted interiors which give an elegant monotone look. Whatever colors or finishes are chosen the safe is as attractive as any piece of furniture in the home.

For this project, the perfect place for their safety was in a hallway cabinet made specifically to hold the jewelry safe or watch safe. The measurements of the safe were within a fraction of an inch of the cabinet’s space so the safe fit perfectly. It actually measured 24”h x 19”w x 21”d. This client did not have a large jewelry collection, but the items she did have were extremely valuable.

Custom Jewelry Safes for a Custom Jewelry Collection

The safe was white to match the walls and the cabinet and the Walnut interior matched other woodwork throughout the home. The shrimp color ultra-suede is such a feminine color and a beautiful contrast to the Dark Walnut. The client only required three drawers for easy access to the jewelry she wore often. The two adjustable shelves allowed plenty of storage space for miscellaneous items or for additional jewelry trays in the future. And, if their jewelry collection changes, we can always make new trays with different configurations to store their jewelry properly.