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Space Planning for your Watch and Jewelry Collection

Watch and Jewelry Safes – Where Should They Go?

When designing spaces for all the must have amenities in a luxury home there are endless options.

The kitchen must be huge and include commercial grade appliances. The master bedroom will include one or two walk-in closets along with a sitting area. The bathroom will be beautifully designed and resemble a spa with a shower, bathtub and jacuzzi. A sprawling living room will be decorated with the finest furniture and a gallery of artwork. The playroom will include an assortment of video games and a pool table. Of course, space will also have to be allocated for a home theatre and wine cellar along with guest bedrooms, a reading room and a variety of other luxuries.

There is one item that generally does not require a lot space, but arguably it is the most valuable space in the home. It is the jewelry safe. When jewelry and watch collections escalate into the tens or hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in value securing your collection is a very serious concern, and that is why we build the world’s strongest and most beautiful jewelry and watch safes.

We can design the jewelry safe to fit anywhere in the home. Wherever it will be most convenient is where it should be placed. Usually, it is in the master bedroom, but we have designed safes to fit in every room including the bathroom. Our ability to manufacture safes in any size or color allows this flexibility. Additionally, the luxurious cabinetry we build into our safes to secure jewelry or watches makes our safes blend with the décor of the room. We design the space inside the safe as carefully as you design the space in your closet, so your jewelry is magnificently displayed.

The owner of this luxury home has an extremely valuable watch and jewelry collection, and designing a secure space was discussed early in the planning stages of the home. Downstairs in his game room a walk-in vault was designed for his various collections. This room alone was a fortress, but for an added measure of security for his irreplaceable and priceless watch collection we designed a luxury watch safe to sit inside of this vault room.

The watch safe’s exterior was painted in a high gloss black with polished chrome hardware. The interior was designed in Ebony with black Ultra-Suede and filled with Orbita watch winders.

He is an avid watch collector and as his collection grows, he may need additional watch safes, but there is plenty of room inside the vault room, so space is not an issue. This is one of the most valuable watch collections we have ever seen, but no matter how many watches you need to store we will build the perfect watch safe for you. Some of our clients only have a few watches, but they are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Other clients might have a minimal collection of watches, but an elaborate jewelry collection that requires an extensive insurance policy along with our high security safe. Whether you’d like a small jewelry safe to fit inside a cabinet or a large watch safe to fit inside a vault room we will build a luxury safe just for you.

Luxe Safes

Custom, Quality & Care.

Our ability to customize gives you unlimited options for the design and placement of your jewelry safe. Security, luxury and convenience are the factors we take into consideration when we design and build each safe.  We can work directly with you, your interior designer, architect or contractor to insure that your custom jewelry safe is built to the correct specifications.  We manufacture most of our safes to order. This reduces our costs and allows us to offer custom sizes for the same price as standard size safes.