Bedroom Safes – How Privacy Is Protected

The privacy of your bedroom is the perfect place to safeguard the valuable and irreplaceable jewelry you treasure most.

Here you can admire and try on your eclectic collection as you dress. Having your beautiful jewelry conveniently at hand allows you to enjoy it and wear it more often.

Jewelry safes have become a must-have item for every high-end residential home. Everybody has jewelry that is sentimental and valuable, and there is no better way to protect it than in one of our custom jewelry safes.

When designing your master bedroom and closet allow room for a safe. It can be whatever size you would like because we manufacture every safe to order, in any size, color, or configuration. If you would like our fifteen-inch cube safe to sit on a shelf or a five-foot safe to sit on the floor or anything in between we will make it beautiful to complement the décor of the room.

Depending on the size of your collection, we will help you design the drawers and shelves as part of our service. We will design each drawer to store your personal collection perfectly and luxuriously. Your rings and earrings will display, and sparkle like in a Fifth Avenue showcase. Your bracelets will line up elegantly and your necklaces will lay fashionably on the plush fabric. You will take great pleasure looking at your jewelry almost as much as wearing it.

This safe from our Jewel Guard line was made to fit inside of a newly designed walk-in closet that was as large as a bedroom. The safe was five feet tall and two feet wide. Our textured parchment color blended with the room and the Birdseye Maple matched the millwork. A cabinet door hid the safe but limited the safe’s door swing to 90-degrees. We designed the drawers to accommodate this.

The homeowner had a large necklace collection and wanted them stored on hooks. Our slide-out necklace rack was a perfect solution to store a large volume of necklaces with a limited door swing. The additional cubby space created for the 90-degree door swing was also ideal to store our fireproof document folder which provided them with all the burglary and fire protection they needed.

The client gave us an inventory list of their jewelry and watches and asked us to design the drawers as we think best. They wanted specific pieces stored together so every drawer was individually designed. This also included a few drawers with full sets for necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. We used a rich dark brown ultra-suede fabric to line the trays.

They wanted ample room for future jewelry as well as space for watch winders and miscellaneous items. For that, we designed the safe with adjustable shelves above and below the drawers, so the jewelry was easy to look at and retrieve.