How do you pick a good jewelry safe?

Choosing the best jewelry safe for your home is not as simple as is should be because ecommerce companies and big box stores flood the internet with misguided information. Many of these companies know very little about jewelry safes, and only aim to steer you to their shopping cart without any regard for protecting your valuables.

Make sure you are doing business with a safe company that specializes in jewelry safes.  I have over twenty years’ experience with high security safes which includes protecting the assets of jewelers and diamond dealers in New York’s diamond district as well as in their homes. In the high-end residential market, we are routinely referred by the architectural trade to provide their clients with the finest quality jewelry safes.

How do you buy a good jewelry safe online?

Good quality jewelry safes are expensive; and so is the jewelry you are trying to protect. It is a one-time purchase, so do it right the first time to ensure that your most valuable possessions are secure. Some homeowners foolishly place thousands of dollars of jewelry into small little hotel type safes because they look pretty. But a glossy paint finish will not prevent that safe from being pried open in seconds with a screwdriver. The same holds true for many of the so-called jewelry safes sold online. 

Many companies only sell inexpensive wall safes, or fireproof safes, or gun safes, or hotel safes, but they do not specialize in jewelry safes. They distract you with options like high gloss paint finishes, jewelry drawers, watch winders, fire protection and biometric locks, all of which have nothing to do with burglary protection. Only do business with companies with expertise in jewelry safes for home.

What makes jewelry safes different than other safes?

The simple answer is the high quality of burglary protection. Jewelry safes used for the jewelry industry must pass rigorous tests given by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to qualify for insurance. However, jewelry safes used for homes almost never require this, which unfortunately makes it harder to discern quality. If the safe does not have at least a ½” steel door and ¼” steel body, it is not a jewelry safe. This is the first and most important thing to look for.  

As an example of the best jewelry safe for home see the most popular Jewel Guard line

Where should you keep your jewelry safe?

The safe should be convenient to access. For most people the master bedroom closet is a logical choice. Depending on the safe’s size it can sit on the floor or be elevated into millwork.  Jewelry safes can usually be made in any size, even as narrow as 14” to fit where you would like to have it placed. Depending on taste and budget, the safe can be painted and configured to match the décor.

How should you design your jewelry safe?

A jewelry safe is designed for security and convenience. To design the jewelry drawers for optimal storage you should take an inventory of your collection. Drawers provide a quick and convenient way to store and view your jewelry without having to open boxes. Better quality jewelry safes allow you to design your own jewelry trays to accommodate your collection.

Are there different quality jewelry drawers?

Yes. Most prefabricated jewelry cabinets are mass produced very cheaply with inexpensive materials. The same size cabinet is often used for different size safes which leaves unflattering gaps and spaces. On the other hand, a safe that is custom made usually includes high quality handmade woodwork that is perfectly tailored like fine furniture.

Do jewelry trays vary in quality?

Yes. Cheaper quality mass produced trays are die cut with carboard and lined with sheer fabric that can easily fray. High quality trays are handmade in wood and only lined with the finest ultra-suede fabric that will look beautiful forever.

Do jewelry safes require a high gloss paint finish?

No. A high gloss paint finish is luxurious but can cost an additional thousand dollars depending on the size of the safe. If the safe is hidden behind a cabinet door the paint finish is less important. Many people prefer a textured finish even if the safe is not concealed.

Do you need a jewelry safe?

The price of gold and diamonds as well as other precious metals and stones has become so expensive that even a modest jewelry collection can be worth tens of thousands of dollars or more. Jewelry is the most valuable item in your home and the first thing a thief looks for. It is a wise one-time investment.

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