A home’s most valuable space

Secure Your Priceless Jewelry Collection In A Custom Safe

The most valuable space in every home is rarely seen by anyone other than the homeowner. It is a secret place for the sole purpose of cherishing the irreplaceable treasures that you have collected throughout your life. It is your jewelry safe.

Just as no two diamonds are alike, no two jewelry collections are the same so securing them is different for each homeowner. A jewelry safe should be convenient to use which is why its location should not be an afterthought.  When it is specified early in the design process there are almost limitless options for integrating it into whatever room you choose. Whether it is a large free standing safe in a walk-in closet or a medium size safe built into millwork or a small safe inside a cabinet we can make it fit perfectly and beautifully to your specifications.

For convenience, the bedroom is often the most popular location. Fabricating the size and color to match the millwork almost always makes the jewelry safe unique. No matter what dimensions work best for you we can fabricate it. We will design the jewelry drawers to be chic while maximizing the storage space for your jewelry and watch collections.

For this east coast mansion, we worked with a very prestigious custom home builder and architect that we have worked with before. This project required multiple jewelry safes all different in size and with specific storage needs.  They all had to match a specific Benjamin Moore color that matched the room where they were installed. Additionally, each jewelry safe was designed with an elegant matte finish Walnut interior and fawn Ultra-Suede fabric. Black hardware was used for the drawer pulls as well as for the safe’s handle and digital lock

There were four large jewelry safes in total. The security and storage needs changed after the spaces for the four safes were already built. It was necessary for two of the safes to have fire protection in addition to very strong burglary protection. The challenge was that since the spaces for the safes had already been designed and the additional thickness and weight for the fire protection would make it a very difficult installation. All the safes were going to the second floor and although there was an elevator the largest safe was over the elevator’s thousand-pound weight capacity. It was impossible to bring this safe up the stairs, so we had to strip the safe down and remove the safe’s door and drawers during delivery in order to reduce the weight to within the elevator’s weight limit.

His primary safe:

This was the largest of the four safes. It was installed into a hallway space with barely an inch of wiggle room to push the safe into place. This location allowed the safe door to open all the way so the jewelry drawers could utilize the entire width to maximize storage capacity. This safe required four watch winders.  There are several options for the watch winders, but the Orbita In-Safe 4 watch winder unit was the perfect size, and since it was powered by very long-lasting lithium batteries, we did not have to run electricity into the safe. We designed a space in our cabinetry so it was perfectly tailored.  The black watch winders complement the black drawer pulls and together with the Walnut and the fawn fabric it all ties together beautifully. Each drawer was specifically configured to store his jewelry and watches.

His secondary safe:

For convenient access to items used on a more daily basis we designed a small jewelry safe to fit nicely in one of his clothes closets. Though small, it is incredibly strong and provides the same level of burglary protection as larger models. This safe like the others matched a Benjamin Moore color and along with the Walnut and fawn fabric blended perfectly with the closet and the room. The placement of this safe limited the safe’s door to a 90-degree door swing so we designed the drawers to accommodate this.

Her primary safe:

This jewelry safe was very similar to his primary safe in the overall design, but there were a few significant differences.  Both safes matched in color and the Walnut and fawn fabric were consistent. We used the same model watch winder in both safes. Her safe was shorter and slightly narrower and had fewer drawers with more shelves. This safe like his was installed into a hallway space, but this one was to be concealed behind a cabinet door. The cabinet door limited the safe’s door swing to 90-degrees, so the jewelry drawers were designed accordingly. This all steel safe made from our most popular Jewel Guard line provides very strong burglary protection without the much added weight of fire protection, so installation into tight spaces is manageable while also offering maximum storage capacity. Based on her unique jewelry and watch collection, we designed jewelry trays to suit her storage needs.

Her bathroom safe:

A white marble bathroom is not a typical place to install a luxury jewelry safe, but that is what this homeowner wanted. The builder cut out a space in the concrete wall for us place this thousand-pound safe. A tremendous amount of care was required to protect the marble floor as we pushed this vault into place. This was the most difficult of the four safes to install because of the weight, the tight space and the floor conditions. This safe was a different custom color than the other three but the Walnut and fawn fabric was the same. The storage requirements for this safe required the safe to have both burglary and fire protection. Given the number of drawers needed to secure her lavish jewelry collection, she also required a certain amount of shelf space for documents and miscellaneous items, so we designed cubby spaces next to the drawers where folders could be easily stored. Like the other safes, the jewelry inserts for these drawers were all customized and unique for her collection.