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Homeowners would be shocked to learn the truth about the poor quality and
misrepresentation of gun safes. About ninety percent of the gun safes sold online and in
big box stores are very poorly made and provide very little burglary protection.
The main reason is that they are mass produced as cheaply as possible to sell as many
as possible. The only way to do this is to use the least expensive materials combined
with very carefully worded advertising to mislead homeowners into thinking they are
purchasing a safe with burglary protection. It’s a lie!

To provide good burglary protection, the safe must be made with enough steel to thwart an attack. Almost all gun safes are made with paper thin steel and cheap composite materials to provide fire protection but NO burglary protection. This is why gun safes promote fire protection to make you believe you are getting burglary protection.

Luxe Safes custom gun safes are made of all steel including a solid half inch steel door. No standard gun safe has anywhere near this steel thickness. Our custom gun safes provide real commercial strength burglary protection, so you can store valuable items including jewelry and cash along with your guns.

Most gun owning homeowners only have a couple of rifles and do not need a refrigerator size safe to store them. This is why we design custom gun safes so you  an store the amount of long guns you’d like and have plenty of room for your other valuables.

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