In these turbulent times people are investing in gold and other precious metals; and they want to keep it at home. Whether you’re storing thousands of dollars or millions Prestige has the highest UL (Underwriters Laboratories) rated safes in the world to protect your assets.

These are the same high security quality safes required for use in the jewelry and banking industries. Our Bullion line has three security levels and the models are sized to accommodate homeowners.

ModelOutside DimensionsInside DimensionsWeight
Jewel Vault - UL Rated TL-15
181425.0”H x 21.0”W x 21.5”D18.0”H x 14.0”W x 12.0”D710 lbs
251832.0”H x 25.0”W x 25.5”D25.0”H x 18.0”W x 16.0”D 1110 lbs
352442.0”H x 31.0”W x 29.5”D35.0”H x 24.0”W x 20.0”D 1720 lbs
Jewel Vault Ultra - UL Rated TL-30
181425.0”H x 21.0”W x 21.5”D 18.0”H x 14.0”W x 12.0”D 710 lbs
251832.0”H x 25.0”W x 25.5”D 25.0”H x 18.0”W x 16.0”D 1125 lbs
352442.0”H x 31.0”W x 29.5”D 35.0”H x 24.0”W x 20.0”D 1764 lbs
Super Fortress - UL Rated TRTL-30x6
272027"H x 20"W x16"D 35.25"H x28.25"W x 28.25"D2,260 lbs
3420 34"H x 20"W x 23"D 42.25"H x 28.25"W x 35.25"D3,125 lbs
472047"H x 20"W x 23"D 55.25"H x 28.25"W x 35.25"D3,500 lbs