How To Customize Your Jewelry Safe

No two diamonds are alike and neither are personal jewelry collections.  So much thought goes into the purchase of diamonds, jewelry and watches because they are very expensive.  Wearing beautiful jewelry is not only about how it makes you look it’s how it makes you feel.  That is why when jewelry is received as a gift its sentimental value makes it irreplaceable.

At Luxe Safes we appreciate the intrinsic value of fine jewelry.  But, unlike everyone else who focuses on how a piece of jewelry looks we are more concerned with the jewelry you are not wearing, because that is our business – Custom Jewelry Safes.

Keeping your jewelry organized and secure is what makes Luxe Safes the leading supplier of luxury jewelry safes.  Working with the architectural industry and with homeowners Prestige Safe will design the perfect jewelry safe for you.  Every safe is customized to satisfy the taste, storage and security needs of each client.

With a wide selection of high security safes to choose from Luxe will help you select the type that best suits your particular needs. To make access to the safe as convenient as possible we will design one to fit the location that is best for you. 

To make it blend with the design of your beautiful home choose any color you’d like.  To keep your jewelry organized Luxe will design a magnificent exotic hardwood jewelry cabinet to fit perfectly inside the safe. When you open the drawers your jewelry will be luxuriously displayed on customized trays designed for your particular collection.

Work with Luxe for industry expertise, professionalism, and have all your questions answered by our leading safe and security experts. Trust in us to deliver to you your custom jewelry safe catered to your wishes without the worry and hardship of traditional online stores

Luxe Safes can work directly with you or your architect to ensure that every detail is seamless including white glove installation anywhere in the USA.